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Who owns the Global Digital Theological Library (GLDTL)?

The GLDTL is owned and maintained by the staff of the Digital Theological Library, a nonprofit organization with the mission of supporting higher education in the study of religion.

How much content is found in the GLDTL?

The GLDTL currently provides access to hundreds of thousands of ebooks and millions of journal articles, and our collections are growing.

Does the GLDTL violate copyrights?

No, the content in the GLDTL is legally licensed to the GLDTL.

Who can use the GLDTL?

Use of the GLDTL is limited to students, faculty and staff at participating institutions.
Learn how an institution can join the GLDTL →

Can I download or print content from the GLDTL?

Yes. You may download and print content from the GLDTL.

Can I republish content found in the GLDTL?

No. You cannot republish the content in the GLDTL without written permission from the copyright holders (the GLDTL does not own the copyrights and cannot give permission for republication).

Can I redistribute content from the GLDTL?

You may distribute content from the GLDTL to other persons who have legal right to use the GLDTL (for example, students in your class or a colleague on your faculty), but you cannot redistribute content from the GLDTL to any person who is not an authorized user of the GLDTL.

How can I help promote or develop the GLDTL?

If you know of schools in the developing world, please forward our web address to them and have them contact us if they are interested in joining the GLDTL. You can also sponsor a school (or schools) with GLDTL membership or donate directly to the GLDTL if you wish. Just contact us.

How do I report a bad link?

Contact us to report a bad link. Please be sure to include an explanatory note and a copy of the link.

How do I (or my school) join the GLDTL?

Check our membership page →

How is so much access to so much so cheap?

The GLDTL is supported by the Digital Theological Library and several vendors and publishers of goodwill. These vendors and publishers provide their content to the GLDTL at greatly reduced prices because they believe the world is a better place when all people are enabled to engage in self-critical reflection upon their own faith and humble dialogue with those of other traditions. Our initial gold level sponsors are CREDO reference, ACLS humanities ebooks, Duke University Press, and Project Muse.